RF Radio Coverage Analysis

Radio coverage propagation analysis image TCS Consultants, Inc. has provided mobile radio coverage prediction analysis for over 30 years. TCS uses state-of-the-art radio frequency propagation modelling prediction software in conjunction with 1/3 arc second terrain data for the most accurate analysis available.

With over 30 years of experience developing and using prediction modeling software, the designers at TCS have a vast knowledge of the input requirements that include terrain, vegetation, climate, location, antenna patterns, and tower radiation adjustments. TCS can quickly calculate weakest link prediction models and adjust the propagation prediction model for the most accurate prediction for the specific analysis. This allows for quick, accurate, and reliable patterns.

TCS developed some of the first commercially available coverage prediction software in the early 1980s as Technical Communications Software (TCS). These early systems used mechanical pen plotters to draw the coverage patterns on clear velum to overlay on standard store purchased topographical or highway maps. Now, these same products are produced using state of the art software and layering techniques allowing us to add overlays directly over any mapping program, at any scale, and provide those via either email or our customer download portal (if the file size is email prohibitive). These coverage "plots" are typically converted into PDF files before sending, but can be delivered in any format (including images for inclusion into brochures, bids, or presentations).

Because we not only understand the equipment, antennas, towers, and hardware - we also understand the underlying program prediction models and their impact. We have a vast understanding of the transceiver hardware, antenna hardware, and software prediction parameters for some of the most accurate results available.

TCS accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and standard PO / NET 30 day invoicing. Coverage plots typically cost around $150.00 USD each. Depending on the configuration type, e.g. composite coverages (multiple plots on the same page), quantity, or inserting location points on a map of fixed remotes (SCADA), prices may be more or less per. Feel free to email, call, or use the contact form to get a specific quotation for more complex or quantity discounts.

Easy Coverage Fill-Out Form:

Please use the below form to send the basic information required to create a coverage analysis. You can add details in the 'Additional Comments' section at the bottom. If using generic antennas e.g. 10dB Omni or 12dB Yagi, decibels referenced to a dipole will be used (dBd). The term 'Remotes' used below is generic - these could be portable radios, paging units, mobile radios, SCADA remotes, WiFi hot spots, etc.